Starting Over

I made the mistake of giving my mom the link to my other blog. I like to overshare my thoughts and feelings; and now my mom wants to discuss the “meaning” of everything I write. She thinks she’s my personal therapist. I have someone more objective I pay $60 every 45 minutes to do that.

It’s killing me dead and, anyway, she would be much better off to live in ignorance about my life and my struggles and my language. (“That’s not how we raised you! What will people think about me and Daddy?”)

So I’m starting over here. And if you tell my mom I will hunt you down and kill you dead. (You goddamn motherfucking shithead bitches.)


2 thoughts on “Starting Over

  1. i wondered how long this would take! I have hesitated commenting because I was afraid of your mom… Ha! (And that she would tell my mom!). Freedom! And ditto what she said…. Anyone who tells my mom what I comment…… Deanna will hunt yo down for me.

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