Links of the Week – May 8, 2015












* Want Millennials Back In The Pews? Stop Trying To Make Church Cool

* This Woman Will Probably Change The Way You Look At Signs For The Women’s Bathroom Forever

* Party Hats For Pets! – (Yaasssssssssss!)

* I Secretly Lived In My Office For 500 Days

* Super Hero Girls: My Daughter Wants Comic Stars That Look Like Her – And Your Son Needs Them, Too

* Meet The Journalist Who Gave Up Her $95,000 A Year Job To Move To The Caribbean

* Amazing Aerial Views Of The Shipwrecks Of Lake Michigan

* ‘Puffed Up Planet’ Orbiting Small Star Discovered By Australian Astronomers

* Scribbles & Crumbs: Why You Are Enough

* Soledad O’Brien Calls Out Media’s Use Of The Word “Thug”: “It’s A Word We Use Instead Of The ‘N-Word'” – (A really interesting and thought-provoking interview)

* Baltimore Violence And The Lack Of Black Men In The City

* “One more to beam up. Grace Lee Whitney, 1930-2015”

* A Trio Of Grace Lee Whitney Publicity Photos

* The Women Of Star Trek:TOS

* Remembering Grace Lee Whitney

* PostSecret: Antone

* PostSecret: Words

* Woman Seeks Man She Kissed At Boston Marathon, Hears Back From His Wife

* Stars Sweatshirt – ( ❤ ❤ ❤ )

* Astonishing Optical Illusions For Your Floors And Walls – (Amazing!)

* The Dzhokhar Tsarnaev The Defense Wants You To Know

* Ted Williams’ Legacy Preserved By His Daughter Claudia

* Cat Tats (And Dogs Too!)

* ‘My Name Is Jamal … I’m White’

* A Cancer Survivor Designs The Cards She Wishes She’d Received From Friends And Family

* Blog Post Read By Mother To Shape Child’s Life For Next 18 Years

* Report: Now Sadly The Best Time In American History To Be Black

* ‘Milkshake’ Racerback Tank – (I hate it when that happens!)

* Bo STILL Knows – (Need!)

* A Photographer Captured A Woman’s Dramatic Weight Loss With Creative Before-And-After Portraits – (Love!)

* The 6 Craziest Villains Ever Defeated By Snack Cakes – (I LOVED these when I’d flip through my brother’s comic books!)


“Slowly we learn that we are all broken, all less than perfect, and that God loves us, each one, wonderfully even so. Slowly we learn that the real love for one another we crave is not the ideal love of my personal facade for your facade, but the imperfect intent to love that my flawed self can offer to the real you.” 

Lloyd Lee Wilson, 2001

“Boris laughed, ‘And you love her yes. but not too much.’
‘Why do you say that?’
‘Because you are not mad, or wild, or grieving! You are not roaring out to choke her with your own bare hands! Which means your soul is not too mixed up with hers. And that is good. Here is my experience. Stay away from the ones you love too much. Those are the ones who will kill you.'”

– Donna Tartt, The Goldfinch

“God keeps giving, forgiving, and inviting us back. My friend Tom says this is a scandal and that God has no common sense. God doesn’t say: ‘I have had it this time. You have taken this course four times and you flunked again. What a joke.’ We get to keep starting over. Lives change, sometimes quickly, but usually slowly.”

– Anne Lamott, Help, Thanks, Wow

“With no children of her own, she’s destined to remain a daughter.”

“We have art in order not to die from the truth.”

– Nietzsche

“I prayed for twenty years but received no answer until I prayed with my legs.”

– Frederick Douglass, Escaped Slave



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