Links of the Week – May 22, 2015

* Is It Too Soon To Share More Pictures Of Cats?

* Galaxy Stud Earrings – (Pretty!)

* 28 Google Image Searches That Did Not Disappoint

* Sex Ed Works Better When It Addresses Power In Relationships

* Jim Lovell and the Apollo Program – (Beautifully done!)

* PostSecret: Voyager – (The Original Series for me…)

* PostSecret: It Isn’t What I Like

* PostSecret: A Girl On The Team

* Salted Caramel Stuffed Dark Chocolate Cookies

* Faucet Makes Water Look Like Latticework

* Hardee’s Most American Thickburger – (Urgh)

* A Tortoise Trying Tiny Pancakes – (Squee!)

* Rainbow Waffles – (!!!)

* George Michael Made Me Go Wild: How “Faith” Changed A Gay, Southern, Gen-X Teen’s Live

* Women’s Tee By Cartel Ink

* Another Women’s Tee

* Women’s ‘Wicked Garden’ Lace Pinup Top – (Cutie patootie!)

* Girl Scouts Welcome Transgender Girls – (Woot!)

* Burned Cat And Fawn Become Instant Friends At Animal Shelter – (And my heart fell out and bounced around on the floor!)

* Study Has More Disturbing Findings About Campus Rape Of Freshmen Women – (“A stunning 28% of the women said they had been a victim of either an attempted or completed forcible or incapacitated rape before college, from the age of 14 through 18, according to the study. That number jumps to 37% for all women surveyed from the age of 14 through the start of their sophomore year.”)

* ‘Father’ To Marry ‘Son’ In Bucks County – With Court’s Blessing

* 9 Amazing Photos Of Dogs Before And After Their Rescues!


“Even later, starting in the fourth and fifth centuries, when Christian scribes emerged as a professional class within the church, and later still when most manuscripts were copied by monks devoted to this kind of work in monasteries – even then, some scribes were less skilled than others. At all times the task could be drudgery, as is indicated in notes occasionally added to manuscripts in which a scribe would pen a kind of sigh of relief, such as ‘The End of the Manuscript. Thanks Be to God!'”

Misquoting Jesus, Bart D. Ehrman

“Feelings are neither right nor wrong. It is what we do with them that we need to concentrate on.”

– Anonymous



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